Thoughts have always been there, but the time was now to once again take the plunge and fly, here`s

MY story

Life as an adult began at 19 with a simple job as a PA with part time studies. Intrigued with art and design I dabbled in all sorts of creative antics including graphic design. In a 9 yr stint at the company, and having reached management level in every department of the company I learnt that with perseverance, dedication and hard work anything was possible. 
After the birth of my second born and the passing away of my beloved dad, perceptions changed and I resigned from my job and my life as an entrepreneur began. 
I started teaching arts and crafts at private schools, and ran holiday classes as Crafty Hands, I started doing mendhi applications under the brand Mendhi 4 u, islamic paintings under the brand Art for u, traded at events under Beadworks unlimited and Bling, with my own range of beaded jewellery and clothing. I also began hosting events on my own as well as co-ordinating events and managing entertainment with other major event co-ordinators. There was no limit to what I could do. I started blogging at a time when it was still archaic in SA, as Durban Muslima, and it marked the start of my journey into social media Marketing.
After a bout of broncho-pneumonia, things came to somewhat of a standstill.
Little did I know that my slow recovery was my reaching the height of a lifelong battle with fibromyalgia. In the midst of it all my social media Marketing business was flourishing, I also co-ordinated the Glitz and Glam fashion affair, an event to raise cancer awareness and raise funds for cansa and the hospice. I also started up the publication, The Life, style and Fashion mag, which after three hard copy prints turned to be one of the very first muslim online magazines, reaching international readers. At this time I affiliated with Blade IT and worked as a website content creator. 
The Life, Style and Fashion mag and the Durban Muslima blog, brought me into the limelight, covering events featuring local and international personalities and colaborations with Dstv, Itv etc. 
While all this was happening the fibromyalgia symptoms simply got worse, until I literally had a time out, to heal and regroup. 
Today my fibromyalgia is still a daily battle I fight, some days I’m winning and some days I’m not. 
My social media business is still in existence and growing. But standing still was not for me. 
Three years ago I joined Rawson Properties and it started me on another journey. Where I thought due to the fibro and its dibilitating symptoms I would not be able to keep on the program, I have exceeded my expectations and again extended my limits. 
I was surprisingly one of the proud recipients of The Woman of Wonder Awards 2019. It was at this moment that I stopped and reflected on my journey of my life.. My personal and professional growth and everything I overcame to be where I am and how far I had come. At times we feel overwhelmed at the stumbling blocks that seem to trip us over but I always give Thanks to the Almighty for every stumble and fall that contributed to my growth. 
Proud daughter of the late Ahmed Mansoor and Zulekha Mansoor. I am who I am and where I am because of my amazing parents and the amazing people the Almighty sent into my life. 
Never resign to being average when we can be spectacular! 

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

make the impossible possible.