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Shireen M
Shireen M ex Durban Muslima Media Marketing is an established company offering social media marketing and management across the major platforms. Leave your marketing in our capable hands while you manage on what you best at, managing your business. With over 8yrs experience in social media marketing you can rest assured that with your kind assistance I can step you out in the world wide web effectively.
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Paid Media

With an extensive history in paid media, I have perfected the art of digital marketing. I partner with clients and use my expertise to exceed their objectives through my suite of services including: Programmatic Media Buying, Social Media Advertising and Paid Search.

Strategy & Consulting

By looking at what you have and where you want to be, I will help you better understand your digital requirements. I then build robust strategies around your business objectives and offer training, in-housing, technology and services to ensure you achieve them.

Design & Content

Without content, media is just empty space. A good website should be a proxy for your business. Like a physical store, it should be built around what your business needs whether that be commerce, information sharing or community building while helping to build your brand.

Data & Analytics

People think of data as numbers, but understand that customers are real people. With the right data we can predict, identify and convert customer behaviour. It lets me identify new opportunities and communicate in a way that feels relevant and personal to your customers. Discover data done right.

Trial Package
Five status ads on Whatsapp, Instagram & Facebook
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Budget package
Weekly ads on our platform Covers Watsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Google + Max of eight diff ads pm (Without ad creation R1500 pa)
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Platinum Package
*Management of Instagram & Facebook account *Max 4 ad posts per week on Facebook & Instagram. * 5 days of status ads on Whatsapp, Instagram & Facebook (R700pm excl Ad creation)
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