I am Shireen Mansoor

I started my journey in social media as a blogger, events co-ordinator, henna artist and social media Marketing enthusiast, almost 10 years ago. The marketing commenced from ads running on bbm, Facebook, the Durban Muslima site and eventually watsapp and Instagram.

Events I co-ordinated include The Eid Bazaar, and the Pink Hijab Glitz and Glam Affair. 

I also dabbled as an editor for my own publication, The Life, Style and Fashion Mag which after three printed copies eventually moved into an online version with international readership. From assisting and advising businesses on how to market their business on social media to copywriting for their websites to designing ads and managing their social media accounts, I have an established client base with a firm following across platforms. I use my database and following to grow my clients own database, following and reach organically and assist them in improving their social media skills to continue with the process.

Dabbling in a whole array of businesses, I eventually stepped into the wonderful world of property. I joined Rawson Glenwood as a Property agent, and a year later moved to Rawson Berea and Durban City. I was afforded the opportunity to meet a whole myriad of amazing people, step into an impressive amount of homes and gain loads of knowledge and experience.

And then the bug for change bit and I found myself being forced to step back and relook at where I am, where I came from and re-assess where I want to be in the future. Age is but a number but Im not getting younger. Health and wellness both physically and mentally are the most essential things that need to be prioritized. Financial stability follows. Add to that responsibilities that seem to just grow instead of diminish. Add to that my hunger to grow in life and not stagnate.

Thoughts have always been there, but the time was now to once again take the plunge and fly… Shireen M is now formed and has taken its first fledgling steps into the world of property.

A step into a whole new world.

Working with Shireen

With a deep passion for team building, planning weekly meetups and social gatherings with other real estate agents, she understands the strength that comes from collaboration in a united team. Shireen believes the foundation of a strong career starts with being surrounded by a group of hardworking individuals who have a desire to work and grow together. She possesses a love for building connections and a deep interest in elevating the strengths of those around her.

In order to be forward thinking in the quickly changing landscape of real estate, Shireen prides herself in knowing the market and stays up to date on current trends. It is her ability to self motivate and collaborate. When she is not caring for her clients, Shireen enjoys expanding her worldview through travel.


  • Social media content creation
  • Website content creation
  • Editing, copy writing, publishing
  • Teaching Arts and crafts
  • Rental property management
  • Property sales and rentals
  • Event, entertainment and fashion show co-ordination 
  • Photography
  • Ad design
  • Accounts management 
  • Hr administration and management – Training iod, health and safety, etc
  • ISO standards and quality management





Why customers love us?

Ashlyn Singh (29.09.2020)
Gold Star Rating
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“I commend Shireen on her outstanding service. Having dealt with others in your employ previously I can definitely say this.. Shireen is a star. Her service, patience and tolerance is just admirable. I wish you had more representatives like her. It was such a pleasure dealing with Shireen. Keep up the good work Shireen. You have my vote for best agent”
Ingride Lewis (06.10.2020)
Gold Star Rating
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“In April of this year, I approached Shireen to find a buyer for my apartment in Shorelands, North Beach. From the outset Shireen demonstrated professionalism in all aspects of the sale. Not only this, Shireen extended a personal touch that went over and beyond just the selling of the apartment. The apartment had once been my late mother’s so there was a degree of sentimentality attached to the sale and in Shireen I found an Agent who perfectly suited my needs. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Mrs. Mansoor. She is a credit to Rawson Real Estate and I should like to have placed on record her excellent handling IN ALL ASPECTS of this sale.”
Mohamed Salim Dala (20.11.2020)
Gold Star Rating
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“Thank you to Shireen Mansoor for the professional service and support.”
Charles William Shepherd Baker (18.06.2021)
Gold Star Rating
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“ Thanks Shireen”
Zakirhushen Munshi (02.07.2021)
Gold Star Rating
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“Very Satisfying Service”
Isabel Versfeld (05.09.2021)
Gold Star Rating
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“Shireen was undoubtedly one of the best real estate agents I have ever had. She certainly does not let the grass grow under her feet. After having my property on the market for several months with very little interest being shown, Shireen contacted me to ask if she could market it for me…..of course I said yes please. I knew when I first met her that she would be great, she is open and friendly and very easy to get on with. She has a heart for her work and her clients. Well, within a few days she brought a client around and after a couple of visits and negotiations my flat was sold. For me the journey to this stage had been very long and stressful and it was such a relief to have found the right buyer. With the help of amazing attorneys and Shireen’s consistent attention the whole process was quick and painless through to registration. Thank you Shireen, and I wish you all the very best in your new venture, I know that you will do well.”
Tasneem Latib (10.08.2021)
Gold Star Rating
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“Just wanted to mention that I was very pleased with Shireen's handling of the sale of my deceased Mums property at Fountain Court. Prior to this my siblings had engaged another agency which were very lethargic in dealing with the sale of the property. Shireen brought an energy to the deal and I am extremely grateful that it was handled in such an expeditious and professional manner.”


Careful guidance, patience and persistence are trademarks that have allowed Shireen Mansoor to consistently deliver to her clients needs, time after time. Her clients remain the number one priority and she offers a high level of energy to grow and maintain lasting relationships, while bringing careful attention to every step of the process; from obtaining the trust of the client, getting the offer through, to negotiating the deal with a successful closing.

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